Monday, November 30, 2015

"Papermaking as Personal Expression" Workshop with Drew Matott

Small Craft Advisory Press hosted a Southeast Guild of Bookworkers papermaking workshop with Drew Matott (of Peace Papers) over the weekend of November 7​th​ & 8th. The workshop drew in participants from Tallahassee, and even a few from​ the​ Panama City area, to make paper during this two-day workshop.

The premise of the workshop was "papermaking as personal expression." Drew invited each participant to bring in articles of clothing or other significant fabric to be pulped in the Hollander beaters. The beats started out with the bicycle-powered beater, but then switched over to an electrical motor for the remainder of the workshop.

All of the participants shared their pulp, so that everyone could make a colorful array of paper and experiment with traditional sheet pulling, layering pulps onto moulds by hand, and pulp painting.