Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friends of Dard Hunter Annual Meeting at Arrowmont School of Crafts in Tennessee

The Friends of Dard Hunter, hand papermakers, invites you to their annual meeting October 18-24 at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennessee. This year we have added three days of classes before our conference. Our website has the complete listing of workshops, presenters, and demonstrations. Of particular interest to book artists are these classes:

Randy Arnold, a third generation woodworker, will send his students home with three wonderful bookmaking tools: a bone folder that conforms to your hand; a simple nipping press; and a punching cradle. You can see Randy's work on and

Jim Croft will teach tool making using bone and antler to make bonefolders, clasps, and buttons, and clasps for books. This podcast with Steve Miller will give you an idea of what Jim will do:

We are honored to have Tim Barrett, who was the first president of the Friends of Dard Hunter, come and talk at our conference. Tim Barrett got the McArthur Genius award in 2009 for his work making conservation papers. He will be at Arrowmont giving a lecture, and he is coming with his friend Jacques Brejoux, who has just finished building a medieval stamper in France
to create the best possible papers for conservators and artists.

Tim Barrett talks with Steve Miller in 2009 in another podcast:

Our website has information about the other classes: making a Hollander beater using materials from the hardware store; pulp painting; using Hanji to make wearable art; itajime for paper decorating, pulp spraying; making clay molds for paper casting, making a book with a photographic narrative, and miniature books.

Jill Littlewood
President, Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc.