Monday, April 28, 2008

Call for Proposals and Entries from Lark Books

I'm looking for a variety of attractive, innovative projects for a book on green book making.

Book projects should—in some way—use recycled materials for the cover and/or pages of each book. Use of other recycled materials (for stitching, binding, etc.) is encouraged, but not required. If you want to use new linen thread, don't worry. Use of post-consumer papers is encouraged, as is mindful use & consumption of new materials.

Recycled Materials for Covers—recycled books, tin, plastic, wood, cloth, papers & cardboards of all kinds.

Materials for Pages—junk mail, dried & cleaned teabags, coffee filters (I have some if you need them), post-consumer papers, wrapping papers, new post consumer content papers, recycled office memos, tea bags (I seem to drink a lot of tea), & pages from other books.

Binding Styles—long stitch, stab bindings, coil binding, other stitches, rings, brads, heck, even using long thorns to hold the pages together might work.

If you'd like to receive information, send an email directly to me or Beth Sweet, to be added to the list.

The specifics will be coming late in the month.

Terry Taylor
Senior Editor, Lark Books